Alex Sweterlitsch, photographer and founder of @FashionInstant, is no stranger to the New York minute. See how he takes advantage of the versatility of the MA-1 Varsity Flight Jacket throughout the day in the latest Ways to Wear.

Look #1 –  Since I wake up super early to post on @FashionInstant, I always go on a caffeine run first thing. I usually wear something simple like sweats and my MA-1 Varsity Flight Jacket since it has pockets for my wallet and keys.
Photo: @KyleVanLoo

Look #2 – I spend most of the day running around the city meeting with clients or photographing subjects for @FashionInstant, My go-to Monday – Friday uniform is black jeans + a black t-shirt/sweater. I always switch up the jacket depending on my mood.
Photo: @KyleVanLoo

Look #3 – Most nights, I will only have an hour or so between the end of the work day and whichever events I’m covering that evening. Sometimes I’m lucky and have time to get dressed up. I like the reverse look of the jacket without the arm pockets for this outfit.

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