In our latest Ways to Wear, Chicago videographer and content creator, Jarriko Farrand, partnered with fellow Chicagoan photographer, Steven Piper, in creating three cinematic winter looks featuring the versatile MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket. Steven attributes his sense of style to his time spent living in Paris and has since adopted a blend of Euro-American street style. Rather than letting the brands he wears speak for his style, he looks for styles of clothing that will best compliment him.


Look #1 – It’s hard to look good and stay warm while shooting in single digit temperatures during a Chicago winter. This “look cool, stay warm” ensemble features Doc Martens, Banana Republic pants, and a black turtleneck, capped off by a final layer of warmth and class, the MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket.


Look #2 – In this look, we wanted to blend together a unique Parisian and Chicago street style. Pharrell Williams x Adidas Tennis Hu, Self-cut light wash Levis, and a self-bleached and cut black t-shirt contrast nicely under an unzipped MA-1 Echo. A navy blue beanie from Citadium in Paris and a tote bag from a biennial art show in Lyon were the European elements used to complete this fusion.


Look #3 – Comfortable and simple to put together, this look features a handmade beanie, black skinny Levi’s, Doc Martens, and the MA-1 Echo Flight Jacket. This is an everyday casual, street look that is perfect for fall or winter. Steven rocks this in downtown Chicago.

(See more at: @Prezpipe)

Photography by:  @Jarriko


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