Photographer and Alpha fan Ilya Timofeyev gained a respect for the outdoors as a former rural PA native and now a NYC resident. So we sent him an Altitude Parka to put to the (style) test. Check out how he makes a classic jacket look even better and share how you express yourself in Alpha on social with #AlphaMission and #MyAlphaGear.

Look #1 – Parkas are usually puffy, so slim-fit jeans are an essential to balance the look. The Altitude is the go-to traditional winter jacket for all kinds of people, but made for the Arctic explorer (thankfully, we don’t have to wear thick winter pants and boots anymore.) For this look, simplicity is key and I keep the colors greyscale with a black wool sweater, dark grey denim and white sneakers and let the different textures – fur, denim, leather – do the talking.

Look #2 – Some days it’s actually cold enough that you feel like an Arctic explorer. The Altitude has a tight neckline when zipped up that works perfectly with a turtleneck. I love to wear it with a pair of sneakerboots and fitted sweatpants. The jacket keeps a street-smart look that lets your look stay low profile but refined for when you need to get somewhere fast, stay warm and look good.

Look #3 – The Altitude is not afraid to go formal either. My suede chelsea boots are a personal favorite and the thickness of the parka makes it warm enough to wear a thin cotton sweater underneath. The jacket adds a structured layer thanks to the detailing on the parka and it works great with a variety of formal looks.

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