Winter days can be long, and wearing the same set of layers day after day makes them even longer. Jess Tran of Jess Loves Fred is here to help. Jess shares how to stay warm without sacrificing style in our Altitude Parka in the latest in our Ways to Wear series.

Being Australian, down jackets were not a piece of clothing that ever existed in my wardrobe. Sorely unprepared and completely clueless, I suffered through my first NY winter in 2014 with a pair of jeans and flimsy sweaters more suitable for the mild ‘winters’ (if you can even call them that in comparison) that I had enjoyed in Sydney. Fast forward a year and my cold-weather arsenal is on top. Rain jackets, hoodies, thermal socks, mittens, gloves, beanies, Uniqlo heat tech things – I freaked out, I used the cold as an excuse to BUY ALL THE THINGS and I’ve finally arrived at a fairly decent Winter wardrobe that lets me cycle between a few key pieces without going mad from sartorial boredom.

The one thing I was lacking was variety in down jackets – it’s kind of hard to accumulate cool down jackets in all the colors and textures of the rainbow without going broke, so when Alpha Industries contacted me and challenged me to style their Altitude W Parka three different ways, I was stoked. The opportunity to show off my elite winter layering skills after going through one entire winter wearing the same damn outfit – especially with a coat that makes me feel like a fighter pilot. Here’s how I styled the Altitude W Parka in Alaska Green.

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