Hey guys – we’re back for our first Fan Friday of 2018! We hope your 2018 is off to a fantastic start, and we’re excited about what we have in store for you guys this year. This week, we’re highlighting different versions of our classic MA-1 Flight Jacket and one of my favorite jackets from our latest collection. We received a lot of submissions this time around, but we’ll break down a few of our favorites.

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First up, we have fashion model Mamé Adjei (@mameadjei4) rocking our reversible MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket in woodland camo. She pairs her bomber with a black bodysuit and a pair of distressed blue stonewashed denim. I love how blue stonewashed denim creates a nice contrast against the camo bomber. This is the right outfit for a chilly casual night out!


Next up, we have model Breeny Rose Lee (@breenylee) shot by photographer Ope O (@greatarsenal). Breeny is wearing our B-15 Flight Jacket in sage green. She layers her bomber over a black crewneck sweater – a perfect combination! The black distressed denim adds an edgy dynamic to the look. I also love the gold glasses which compliment the rest of the outfit nicely.

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@breenylee shot by @greatarsenal


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Rounding out the week, we have two fashion models shot by photographer Enzo Iriarte (@enzoiriarte). The male model is rocking our Outlaw Biker Jacket and the girl is in our MA-1 Flight Jacket W in black. I love how he wears the jacket over a hip graphic tee. The biker jacket also exudes a cool attitude in the fit. She pairs her MA-1 with a predominantly black fit, however, the red sunglasses add a bit of flair to the look. They’re both killing it!

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We’ll see you guys again next week – don’t forget to tag #alphamission in your posts!

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