Hey guys – we’re back with another Fan Friday! This week’s features highlight some of the staples from the Alpha Industries Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Let’s get into the outfits:

First up, we have fashion model @black_j_champagne in a shoot for sneaker and streetwear store @masplusmilano. He’s rocking the B-15 Slim Fit Flight Jacket in Sage Green. By layering the bomber over a dark-grey knit sweater, he creates a refined look. Note the striped trousers which add to the minimalistic vibe of the fit. He finishes everything off with a pair of hip sunglasses.



Next up, we have a group of creatives (@dangerousminds.gr) who shot this picture of a woman in the MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Jacket in Woodland Camo. She styles her bomber over a graphic sage green tee which she tucks in to a pair of high-waisted stonewashed denim – a clean color palette. Tucking the shirt in gives the bomber an oversized aesthetic. Note the shoelace belt and green hat which add personality to the look!



Rounding out the week is fashion publisher @britthekid in the Vintage Olive CWU 45/P Flight Jacket. She creates a streetwear-inspired outfit by layering the jacket over a fully zipped white hoodie – note how she ties the strings at the top which adds attitude to the look. Draping the bomber off of one shoulder keeps the look on-trend while adding an element of individual style. The half-zip pants and hip sneakers go with the vibe of the outfit well, and the contemporary sunglasses bring everything together perfectly!



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