Hey guys – we hope your holiday season is off to a great start! We’re down to the last couple Fan Fridays of 2017, so we’ll show you how to finish off the year in stride. This week, we’re featuring a couple of our classic jackets as well as one of our newest trench coats. Let’s get into the outfits:

First up, we have fashion blogger Nkenge (@itsnkenge) rocking our MA-1 W Flight Jacket in black. She layers her bomber over a washed-mauve hoodie; note how she drapes the jacket off of her shoulder which keeps the look on-trend while also adding dimension to the look. I love the washed-tan cropped trousers with the white socks and white gum bottom high-top sneakers – I think they really help bring the outfit’s aesthetic together.


Outerwear can make a huge impact on the overall tone of an outfit. Menswear and lifestyle influencer Ty (@tyfrench) kills it in our Mackinaw Trench Coat. The trench coat exudes a cool attitude while adding a bit of flair. I love how he highlights the coat by pairing it with a plain black hoodie and black denim. He finishes the fit off with a pair of dark brown boots and hip sunglasses. I love seeing so much personality in a look!




Rounding out the week, we have fashion model Greta (@herecomesgreta) in our black L-2B Scout W Flight Jacket. She styles her oversized bomber with a white sweater and black denim. I love how she tucks the sweater in to emphasize the oversized silhouette of the bomber. Also, note the belt which adds another dynamic to the outfit. Greta killed this look!



Thank you for all of the submissions this week! Don’t forget to tag #alphamission in your posts, and have a great weekend.


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