Rewind to early 2011, 21-year-old Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is uploading music to YouTube under the username, “The Weeknd.” After these songs drew some attention, emerging singer and songwriter Drake shouted him out on Twitter calling him a “Young King” and eventually co-singing him to his label. That same year, he went on to release three epic mixtapes that would become his first album, Trilogy. However, people still didn’t know who he was or even what he looked like – they even thought he was a group act at first.

Since then, The Weeknd has grown to become one of the biggest and most recognizable pop stars in the world. He launched his own label, XO, and he’s released three studio albums including Kiss Land, Beauty Behind the Madness, and Starboy. All of which topped charts around the world. His most recent album, Starboy, charted all 18 songs on Billboard’s Top 100 at once! So far, he’s worked with stars like Kanye West, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. But, over the years, The Weeknd has extended his reach far beyond the confines of music. He has easily become an extremely important influencer in the fashion community.

The parallels between music and fashion are constantly evolving. Since his early days, The Weeknd has been a strong organic supporter of Alpha Industries. From being spotted in our jackets on and off stage to uploading Instagram pictures in them, The Weeknd loves Alpha!

Like many others, the Canadian singer admires the heritage, culture, and quality of our jackets. He thinks performing is not about costume changes, it’s about being true to yourself. This means the same shirts and bombers that The Weeknd rocks on stage are what he also wears off-duty.  Over the past few years, he’s accepted awards at the Billboard Music Awards and Much Music Awards donning Alpha jackets. He was even spotted a couple months ago rocking our classic MA-1 out on a date with Selena Gomez. Moreover, on his Instagram page where he’s amassed almost 16 million followers, Alpha can be seen in a number of his recent uploads – check them out above!

weeknd merch
The Weeknd’s Starboy merch.

Alpha Industries is also proud to have partnered with The Weeknd for his Starboy: Legend of the Fall World Tour which kicked off earlier this year. Alpha made a few limited-edition collaborative jackets with the singer for this monumental tour. We loved working with one of our biggest supporters, and we’re extremely excited to see what he has in store next!


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