The MA-1 Re-imagined: No Sleep

At the end of a long night Alpha is here for you with the No Sleep Bomber Jacket. Drawn from the history of  New York City night life, the No Sleep bomber reflects the endless nights of the New York City club scene. In the late 80s and 90s, club owners had to come up with effective ways to draw a crowd. Word of mouth was great, but prior to the rise of social media, eye-catching promotional flyers became the most effective way to drawn people in.



Flyers became synonymous with the New York City night scene. Eye catching drawings, illustrations, bold letters, and colors decorated the city streets and were plastered on walls, telephone poles, and any other available surface. A few decades later, these flyers have become sought after collector’s items. Looking at them reminds of us of time of gossip, grandeur, and word-of-mouth; the New York no-sleep life that everyone wants to experience at least once.



Alpha’s latest No Sleep bomber is reminiscent of New York night life. A vintage cotton version of our most signature style, the MA-1, the No Sleep is decorated with printed designs calling back to the flyers that once painted the town. This jacket is prepared to be up all night and ready for any and all possibilities. A statement to top off your ensemble, a way to bundle from the cold, or even a coat to sit on as you find yourself in Central Park at 5 am getting ready to watch the sunrise. Much like any night the Alpha Industries No Sleep bomber is what you make of it and the potential is endless.


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Written by: Alexis Vitiello

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