The Alpha Industries DIY Series

As many of you already know, self-expression is one of the new collection’s biggest themes. Because of this, we’ve decided to link up with numerous artists in order to give them a special opportunity to customize some of our favorite D.I.Y. jackets from the current collection.
To kick things off, we’ve collaborated with the New York graffiti legend, Stash.
Stash was born in Long Island, New York in the late 1960’s and became pivotal to the East Village scene of the early 1980’s. In fact, he first exhibited his canvases alongside pop art pioneers Keith Haring and Jean Michael Basquiat when he was only 17 years-old. Although many of his contemporaries turned to Pop Art, Stash stayed true to the subway, working on trains until 1987.
His early work demonstrates a devotion to signature bold outlines and clean shapes. However, by the late 1990’s, Stash had pioneered the use of graphic elements of graffiti on streetwear through high-profile collaborations with companies such as Nike and Bathing Ape. The move ensured his work reached a much wider audience which played a key role in the widespread understanding of graffiti. Eventually, this began to lead to its public acceptance.
Today, Stash is firmly established as an innovator and influencer in the world of urban design. His fascination with the urban environment is also evident in his perfectly executed photographic work, which features a combination of city motifs alongside the latest lighting and printing techniques.
For his unique collaboration with Alpha Industries, Stash decided to use paint markers on the L-2B D.I.Y. Flight Jacket and L-2B W D.I.Y. Flight Jacket. For the men’s version, he went with a bold color scheme that included shades of blue and red – colors that are also popular in his graffiti work! For the women’s version, he selected some of the same bold colors. However, for the flowers, he added dashes of purple and teal. His loyalty to bold outlines and clean shapes is extremely apparent through these two pieces!
You can check out more his work on his Instagram and website!

Moreover, if you want to achieve a similar look, we have different D.I.Y. marker packs available on our website. This allows you to either recreate Stash’s work or apply your own creativity!

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