The Blonde Salad & Alpha Industries

Founded in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli, The Blonde Salad is a lifestyle brand that evolved from being an outfit and fashion blog. They produce daily content, and their main goal is to encourage, inspire and get inspired by all the people around the globe through fashion.

Creative Director Chiara Ferragni is always looking for something new to encourage people to find their own personal style. After we discovered that she loves military fashion, we decided to collaborate.

The Blonde Salad says, ” If you look at the last 30 years of fashion, you will notice that our closets got more and more crowded with clothing items that were originally for the military, and they slowly became everyday items for all of us.” Ferragni thinks bombers are everything, and she admires the quality and heritage of our classic MA-1 Flight Jacket. So, she took our MA-1 Natus and added her own personal touch – a new black flight tag that reads, “The Blonde Salad.”

The collaboration is exclusively available on The Blonde Salad in three colors, burgundy, black and camouflage green. Let us know what you think of the collaboration and check them out here!


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