Hey guys – we’re back this week with another Fan Friday! With summer coming to a close and cooler temperatures already arriving, it’s time to start thinking about the transition into your autumn wardrobe. For this week’s outfits, we’ll show you how adding the right outerwear staple can help you eclipse summer fabrics and prints making for a more fall appropriate fit. We received a lot of submissions this time around, but we’ll break down a few of our favorites.

Jeremy Wilde (@jeremy_wilde)


Outerwear can make a huge impact on the overall tone of an outfit. Jeremy Wilde kills it in the Outlaw Biker Jacket from the latest Alpha Industries collection. He creates a unique casual look by styling the jacket with a hip white turtleneck and pinned-up pink cap. The biker jacket exudes a cool attitude while adding a bit of fall flair. We love seeing this much personality in a look!

Clarissa (@vogueupcall)

Next up, Clarissa puts together an eye-catching ensemble with the Burgandy MA-1 LW PM Iridium Jacket (exclusive to Alpha Europe). The rich maroon tones of the flight jacket compliment autumn’s signature pallet of warm earth tones. Note the unique pairing of the MA-1 with the flowy skirt – this combination is perfect for the transitional months and temperatures that accompany the season.

Darya Kostenich (@daryakostenich)

Rounding out the week, we have Darya Kostenich (@daryakostenich) in a stylish outfit. She chooses to wear her black MA-1 w over a plain white tee – an excellent pairing! The clean color pallet of black white and a hint of red is sleek and simple. We love the juxtaposition of silhouettes in this shot created by the oversized white tee and bomber against the form-fitting leggings. It gives her streetwear inspired fit a more rebellious feel!

We’ll see you guys again next week – don’t forget to tag #alphamission in your posts!


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