Hey guys – we’re back this week with another Fan Friday. Winter is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to layer up and break out those parkas! This week, we’re highlighting one of our most popular parkas, as well as one my favorite jackets from our newest collection. Let’s get into the outfits:

Leading the week off, we have blogger and fashion influencer Kevin (@be.cxol) rocking our white Slim Fit N-3B Parka. He chooses to layer the N-3B over a bright red roll-neck sweater – a perfect combo! Note the contrasting silhouette of the extended length sweater against the blue skinny-fit denim. To bring the outfit together, he cuffs the denim and throws on a pair of hip red sneakers. I love the hints of red throughout the outfit; they make the crisp white parka stand out even more. This is a perfect winter look!


Next up, we have woman’s fashion influencer Amira (@ae6x) in a killer outfit. She’s wearing our collaboration with Vetements, a French fashion house that has had an indisputable influence on the industry. The quilted reversible bomber is the centerpiece of the fit. I love how the sleek color scheme of red and black which adds attitude to the look. This outfit will definitely keep you cozy on a chilly winter evening!


Rounding out the week, we have Joshua Peroti (@jshuwaa) in our white L-2B NASA Flight Jacket. This jacket features a NASA Meatball patch and a 100th Space Shuttle Mission patch. I love how he layers the bomber over a plain white tee to create a monochromatic aesthetic.  Overall, this is a simple yet clean outfit that would be perfect for a nice night out with some friends.

We’ll see you guys again next week – don’t forget to tag #alphamission in your posts!

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