The Alpha Industries DIY Series: Maxine Hoover and Liza Denim

Maxine Hoover

Hoover’s designs are inspired by the planetary and ethereal shapes objects and patterns. For her collaboration with Alpha Industries Hoover focused on the moon and its monthly cycles. “As the moon is a very powerful symbol of self-reflection, spirituality, and awareness.” Maxine is hyper aware of fashion’s ability to spark conversation and with each piece she keeps beauty and the desire to make a statement in mind.

For Hoover was was given our Fortitude FT Field Coat. Using embroidery techniques, Hoover outlines a symmetrical organic pattern. She uses acrylic paint to illustrate the moon cycles and add a metallic accents to the center design. Hardware such as studs and reflective pieces are used delicately to accent Hoover’s core design.

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Elissa DeFranceschi

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