The DIY Jacket Series features Alpha jackets from the SS18 season customized by contemporary artists and creatives. These one of a kind jackets provide inspiration for Alpha fans to customize their own jackets. Elements used on the jackets will be available for purchase on

Meet the Artist

Say hello to Tahnee Reed, founder and sole creative behind Shredded Dreams. Reed started the wildly successful Etsy shop after years of creating pieces for herself. She began getting requests from friends and their enthusiasm soon lead her to believe her talents might cast a wider net. From here Shredded Dreams was born.

“So many of us are told our dreams are too big. Our dreams are so often ripped into pieces; hence “shredded,” but with the right attitude and ambition those dreams can still become a reality.”

Tahnee Reed

Reed’s philosophy with her pieces is “Distressed to Impress” she uses a variety of techniques such as bleaching, paint, hardware, and even something as simple as a good pair of scissors to pull of her signature look. Reed is inspired by her desire to make a statement. Hailing from a small mid-western town she always knew she was destined for bigger bolder things and Shredded Dreams clearly reflects that.

What makes Reed even more of success is her willingness to share her designs with the world. Shredded Dreams is an extension of freedom to men women out there to be different, to stand out. “The clothes we wear are such a statement to our personality, and I know I have always wanted mine to make a statement, and I want to pass that on to others.”

To make the Men’s French F-2 her own Tahnee played with some distressing. Paint was used to create drip and splatter effects on the front and back. Studs are fashioned along the epaulets as well as in a cluster on the front of the jacket to both contribute to some of the original lines, while also disrupting the uniformity of the coat. Reed has added her own fabric paneling to the under arms making the coat that much more unique and colorful.

Taking on the Women’s French F-2 Reed letters the jacket with acrylic paints. She includes more studding mixed with eyelets and jump hooks for an industrial look. In contrast Reed also stitched on a few floral patches, softening the look ever so slightly and To finish it off and really give it that punk feel, she added safety pins to specific areas of the jacket. Additionally as with the Men’s version Reed played with the paneling on the sides adding a mesh fabric to complete the look.

Recreate this look with these added details available for purchase on the site. You can check out more work on the Shredded Dreams Instagram and website!

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