The DIY Jacket Series features Alpha jackets from the SS18 season customized by contemporary artists and creatives. These one of a kind jackets provide inspiration for Alpha fans to customize their own jackets. Elements used on the jackets will be available for purchase on


Meet Kristina Laurendi Havens, a fine arts painter and creative who has seen significant success in her Etsy shop. She began in 2008 by selling her fine art pieces online; however, she’s since expanded her creative endeavors into clothing. Kristina’s philosophy is that your personality is unique, your beauty is unique, so your clothing should be, too.

By repurposing vintage and upcycled garments, she shows that there is potential in everything. She loves to experiment with new techniques and combinations of materials. For each article of clothing she does, every piece of fabric, button, and thread come together to create a special one-of-a-kind garment.

Kristina’s philosophy is extremely evident in the L-2B Scout W she customized. She took vintage materials including denim and other patterned fabrics and layered them to create patchworks on the jacket. However, she takes this a step further by adding designs and distressing to some of the denim before applying it which highlights her focus on unique clothing.

The denim patchwork is applied to areas on the front and back on the piece, but also on the pocket flaps which is awesome touch. Moreover, she used metal studs to give the piece even more personality. She finishes the customized jacket off with a few bright flower patches to add color and charisma which really help it stand out. These aspects come together to give the bomber Kristina’s signature modern vintage feel.



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