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When it comes to military jackets, field coats easily share center stage. They are some of the most versatile and stylish pieces of outerwear one can have in their collection. For the Spring/Summer 2018 season, Alpha Industries included a number of these iconic coats.

First and foremost, two of this season’s highlights are the F-2 French Field Coat and F-2 French Field Coat W. The F-2 silhouette was inspired by the French Foreign Legion, a unique part of the French army with the goal of allowing men from other countries to enlist so that best practices and skills from around the globe could be learned. Chest pockets and shorter length distinguish it from the U.S. field coats.

Alpha Industries F-2 French Field Coat W

Because self-expression is one of the collection’s biggest themes, we have also included two special versions of the F-2 coat – the F-2 French Field Coat Decorated and the F-2 French Field Coat Decorated W. The men’s coat features military-inspired words and phrases, and the women’s jacket features a bird and flower embroidery on the back.


Moreover, in the coming weeks as part of our D.I.Y. series, we will be showcasing two unique versions of the F-2 in collaboration with artist Tahnee Reed, owner of the brand Shredded Dreams.

Another focal point in the field coat category is the Revival Decorated Field Coat. Inspired by the U.S. army’s M-51 field jacket, this lightweight more contemporary version features a back design symbolic of the idea that U.S. armed forces needed to be strong in land, air and sea operations. The snap front and lightweight garment-washed fabric make this a mild-weather go-to.

Alpha Industries Field Coat

Rounding out the new field coats is the Fortitude silhouette. The inspiration behind the Fortitude comes from the U.S. army chemical jacket from World War I. During World War I, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps was developed to defend against toxic gas attacks. The Fortitude Field Coat features the slanted chest pockets that became synonymous with the classic Chemical Corps World War I era jacket.


Alpha Industries has also done a Fortitude Americana Field Coat which includes an embroidered tonal American Flag appliqué on the back.

Alpha Industries Fortitude Americana Field Coat

Also coming up as part of our D.I.Y. series, we have a special artist collaboration with Maxine Hoover whose knowns for her custom jackets. She will be creating a one of one version of this iconic coat. Field Coats are both rugged and chic, and they’re a staple of military fashion. Check out all the field coats from our current collection on the Alpha Industries website!

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