Slam Jam x 424 x Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries launched a three-way collaborative collection with two unique brands – 424 and Slam Jam. The collection features classic outerwear silhouettes including a field jacket, deck jacket, and a parka.

The project, designed by 424’s Guillermo Andrade, is reminiscent of punk culture and the post-war attitude that followed the atrocities of battle. These attitudes are conveyed through elements such as scribbled anarchy symbols and classic red 424 armbands. Moreover, the graphics were inspired by a weed killer called Agent Orange, which was used during the Vietnam War.

Slam Jam, a streetwear clothing company founded in 1989 also added their influence to the collection. Since the 1980’s, they have been taking influence from youth subcultures. They’ve also been venturing further into the field of art in order to draw parallels with the fashion world.

One of the collections standout pieces is the military kimono, which comes in a patchwork of materials and colors. The collection comes predominantly in shades of military green.

The items are all available on 424’s website.

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