November: Military Family Appreciation Month

Alpha Industries Recognizes Military Family Appreciation Month

November is Military Family Appreciation Month, which means it’s time to officially honor the families of those who make the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country. This includes families of the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve in all branches of the US military — their partners and children who endure the hardships of an unconventional life.

The life of a military family isn’t easy. While service members are in active deployment, usually overseas and for long periods of time, they count on their families back home to support them and each other. The spouses and partners of a military service member are often left to raise children on their own, keeping the house together while their loved one is actively serving.

Children in a military family experience constant uprooting as they move from one home to the next, switching schools several times a year, all while missing the presence of one or sometimes both of their parents.

Support for these families can never go too far.

Psychological challenges arise for those dealing with prolonged separation from a loved one, and military families are no exception. For these families, this is combined with the stress of knowing that their loved one may not come home. In the early years of the Iraq War, news outlets began reporting on spouses struggling with “anxiety and depression… sleeplessness, substance abuse and nightmares,” as well as the sadness and depression found in the children of service members.

While mental health continues to be a point of concern for military families, they can now benefit from government-led initiatives such as the US Army’s Army Family Covenant and the non-profit National Military Family Association.

Many military families also cope with significant financial burdens in addition to the mental and emotional strain. Constant relocation, which may draw families to places with higher living costs and can also make it hard to hold a steady job, as well as other factors often result in families needing some form of assistance, such as food aid.

Needless to say, the bravery of our military service members is matched only by the resilience and strength of their families. Though their struggles are challenging, they bear the burden for the sake of love and loyalty, and we all benefit.

To honor these sacrifices, Alpha Industries is doubling our military discount. For the entire month of November, military service members and their families will be eligible to receive 30% on all Alpha apparel. This serves as a thank you to those defending our country and to the families who, without fail and in spite of the challenges, are always standing behind them.


Written by: Aiya Madarang

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