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Alpha has a style to offer – no matter what – or where – your field is.  Our new series, ‘In the Field,’ features standout professionals sharing the ins and outs of their professions, including inspirational advice and how their heroes that have impacted their journey. Join us in the pursuit of style and success as we share their stories.  
Brooklyn native and self-proclaimed “BK Boy” Lance Fresh is a host, producer and designer. Lance can be seen on the likes of NBA on TNT and Bleacher Report.  Lance credits his successes to his role models, mother and the many lessons he learned through team sports.
Who inspires you/who is your hero in your field?

Growing up watching the NBA, Craig Sager was one of the guys I looked up to most. He had the perfect balance of cool and professionalism. I was lucky enough to meet him as I came into the game working for Turner Sports. He served as one of my mentors early in my career.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

The best advice I’ve ever received is, “I am my only competition.” People spend too much time looking back and worrying about the future instead of working on making themselves better. My mom always told me that.


Lance in the MA-1 Double Camo
What do the military, sports and music each mean to you?

I’m thankful for all of our military and the grand sacrifice they make to protect our country.

Music gets me through everything. It wakes me up, prepares me for shoots and changes my mood. The first thing I usually do before locking into a project is turn on music.

Sports have been everything to me, especially growing up watching the NBA. I was a student athlete in both high school and college. I’ve learn the importance of perfecting your craft from guys like Kobe Bryant and the importance of trusting teammates through various experiences. I apply both of these very important lessons to my everyday grind in the field.

Can you share something most people would be surprised to learn about you? 

People would be surprised to learn that I write music. A few of my friends are artists; I hit the studio with them, write and even record a few tracks.  I have a few unreleased hits.

Lance in the Fusion Field Coat
How were you first introduced to Alpha Industries?

I first saw Kanye wearing Alpha Industries.

What makes Alpha stand out from the crowd to you?

I think Alpha stands out due to their ability to successfully collaborate with other brands while staying true to their signature aesthetic.

What are your Alpha essentials?

I’m a huge fan of Alpha’s bombers. They’re timeless and can be dressed up or down catering to any occasion.


Lance in the N-2B Barricade 

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