In the Field: Clyde Edwards

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Aspiring philanthropist and passionate humanitarian, Clyde Edwards is a Senior Marketing Manager at PUMA North America. As student of culture, Clyde says his life was saved by sneakers and fashion, crediting his success to his many role models as well as literary lessons. Born and raised in Miami, Clyde has recently relocated to Boston, MA for what he calls “life’s next chapter.”
Who inspires you/who is your hero in your field?

I’m inspired by my peers. In my field, I’m inspired by guys like Frank the Butcher, Marcus Troy and Frank Cooker. I’m also inspired by several people outside of my particular field; people like Elliott Wilson and Emory Jones.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Some of the best advice that I’ve received has come from books, not people. The 48 Laws of Power is a must read.  Some of the best words of wisdom are, “You’re not there because you belong somewhere else; don’t get caught up in what you think you want and where you think you belong; work hard and it will come to you.”


Clyde in the M-65 Defender Field Coat
What do sneakers, fashion and marketing each mean to you?

Sneakers, fashion and marketing mean a great deal to me. Sneakers and fashion both saved and changed my life. They gave me something to focus on as a kid. Where I grew up, not too many people get the opportunities I’ve gotten. I owe that to sneakers alone.

Can you share something most people would be surprised to learn about you? 

Most people would be very surprised to know that Inside The Sneakerbox started on Myspace. I had an online clothing shop called Art & Water (then Vice Miami). We carried brands like Freshjive, Golden Coin, Cake, Sugarcraft, TITS, Melody Ehsani and Ugly Doll. I’ve been building my brand for about 10 years. I am a student of culture.

Clyde in the MA-1 Blood Chit
How were you first introduced to Alpha Industries?

I’ve seen the brand over the years. I really got to know more about Alpha as I started attending trade shows and stopping by their booth.

What makes Alpha stand out from the crowd to you?

The true heritage is what makes Alpha stand out to me. That’s something you can’t fake or replicate.

What are your Alpha essentials?

The M-65 Defender Field Coat is a classic and a fall/winter essential for me. It keeps me warm and allows me to layer within my many dressing styles.


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Photography by: @ivesmatik

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