Happy Anniversary Alpha Industries!

Today is Alpha Industries’ 58th Anniversary!

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In 1957, Samuel Gelber and Robert Lane founded Dobbs Industries in Knoxville, Tennessee in order to manufacture outerwear for the U.S. Department of Defense. Two years later, on October 17th, 1959, Gelber split from Lane to spin off his own company which he named Alpha Industries. They immediately began operations in the basement of a rented Knoxville factory.

With the United States’ escalating involvement in the Vietnam War starting in the early 1960’s, Alpha Industries began producing in-demand military garments. Over the next decade, Alpha’s growth rapidly accelerated, and they eventually emerged as the leader in manufacturing for the DOD because of jackets like the now-famous MA-1. They would continue to expand throughout the 1970’s as they were called upon to produce numerous types of jackets for different military scenarios.

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It was not until the early 1980’s that Alpha started testing the commercial market where they would eventually see their biggest success yet. In the next 20 years, they launched their first logo, magazine, and website. Alpha also expanded internationally in 1993 with Alpha Industries Europe. It was an exciting time for the company.

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In the 2000’s, Alpha really started to expand in the fashion scene. They began taking on collaborations with hip brands such as Stussy. Just in the past couple years, Alpha has collaborated with relevant brands like Vetements, Marcelo Burlon, and Public School New York. On the entertainment side of things, Alpha started working with stars like Kanye West and The Weeknd on merchandise. Most recently, a custom jacket was done for hip-hop artist Post Malone. Alpha also just dropped collaborative jackets with A-list producer Metro Boomin. Right now, Alpha is getting ready for Complex Con, an extremely popular culture festival being held in Long Beach, California next month.

The last couple years have been major for Alpha industries, and we can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store for the next couple months!


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