The Alpha Industries Fall/Winter 2017 Collection delves into new territory, taking inspiration from U.S. military parariggers. Formed in 1940, pararigger units have played a crucial role in conflicts throughout military history such as the Persian Gulf War where they were responsible for the packing and repair of parachutes as well as military uniforms and gear.

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During the course of a mission, it was common for a soldier’s uniform or gear to rip. Riggers were in charge of repairing these uniforms with whatever materials they could find – it required a thorough understanding of fabrics, hardware, and sewing.

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Check out this pararigger training video from 1967 to learn more about this important job in the military.

This “pararigged” tailoring is visible throughout Alpha’s new collection. The design team focused on incorporating different fabrics and washes while constructing some of this season’s features.

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Two key new pieces are the M-65 Construct Field Coat and the M-65 Fusion Field Coat.


The M-65 Construct is fabric-blocked with tonal garment-washed cotton, canvas, and rip-stop patchwork which adds personality while creating visual interest.

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The second piece, the M-65 Fusion, is a combination of both our classic MA-1 Flight Jacket and our vintage M-65 Field Coat. The design team took the body of the M-65 and paired it with the flight nylon MA-1 sleeves to create a fashion forward hybrid jacket.

We also introduced the Ally Bomber, a color-blocked bomber with a different quilting style on each section of the jacket.

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These pararigged pieces keep the collection on-trend heading into the upcoming season. Take note of the olive, brown, and grey shades on many of the jackets which are inspired by Operation Desert Storm, a key combat phase of the Gulf War.

We also introduced our 45/P Cruise Jackets in which we debuted a new “chocolate chip camo,” as well as new Dessert Storm-inspired embroideries.


Get to know the entire collection in our FW17 Video Look Book and shop all the jackets.


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