Get to Know Our Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

The Fall/Winter 2018 collection draws inspiration and design from multilateral military exercises. This involves traveling to different countries and collaborating with their respective military forces, experiencing the various cultures, and exchanging knowledge and information. Through this, the military is able to enhance stability and peace throughout the world.

The new range pays tribute to these military exercises through a few distinct stories. For Drop 1, global allied archives and classic military styling play key roles.

Global allied archives take inspiration from military archived outerwear and uniforms from around the globe. The Multilateral Military Exchange (MME) provides a global point of view with regard to the different uniforms and outerwear that other countries wore during past missions. This inspired our design team to rework iconic styles while paying tribute to previous military operations.


Classic military styling focuses on refined military silhouettes. Seeing other countries and how their uniforms and outerwear provided their soldiers with impressive sartorial presence and impeccable dress standard stimulated our design team to take inspiration from some of these classic styles.

Check out Release 1 here!

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