Hey guys – it’s that time of the week again! We’re back with another Fan Friday. There are only four short weeks until 2018, so let’s finish the year out on a strong note. For this week’s outfits, we’re featuring our newest collaboration with Public School New York as well as some of our staple jackets. Let’s get into the fits!

First up, we have Sven (@svenjd_) rocking our class black MA-1 Flight Jacket. Sven combines a variety of more formal elements with our bomber and a pair of hip sneakers to create a unique streetwear aesthetic. We love the way he drapes the black jacket over a black turtleneck and blazer which keeps the fit tonal and on-trend. Wearing a pair of cropped plaid trousers, he demonstrates an air of polished simplicity. Note how finishes the outfit off with a pair of laceless sneakers to keep the look clean and comfortable. Great job Sven!


Next up, we have fashion blogger and influencer Tania Sarin (@tania_sarin) in our reversible Alpha Industries x Public School New York Flight Jacket. She chooses to pair her bomber with a pair of form-fitting leather pants and some on-trend sock sneakers. We love how she wears the jacket on the reverse side which highlights the carrying strap – a key feature of the collaboration! This outfit would certainly stand out.


Rounding out the week, we have Tanya Kupelian (@tanyakupelian) in our camo Urban Outfitters x Alpha Industries Liner Jacket. The jacket is the centerpiece of her clean look. Notice how the camo stands out against the predominantly black outfit. We love the necklace, purse, and sunglasses which compliment the outfit nicely. The black leather boots help bring the sleek fit together. Tanya killed this look!


We’ll see you guys again next week – don’t forget to tag #alphamission in your posts. Have a fantastic weekend!

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