F-14: Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat served the U.S. Navy for over thirty years, 1974 to 2006. Used mainly for reconnaissance, air-to-air missions, and the occasional long-rage striker the Tomcat was a durable and trust worthy machine. Twelve years after its final flight with the Navy, Alpha Industries has designed the Tomcat Bomber to emulate and represent the spirit of the Tomcat. A new look for the classic MA-1, the Tomcat jacket features unique patches showing off the F-14’s formative history. The patches adorning this jacket honor service of the Tomcat and its many missions dedicated to the freedom of Americans. The Tomcat and the MA-1 are two timeless institutions in Military history and together in the MA-1 Tomcat they are memorialized. Each patch on the Tomcat MA-1 shares the importance of the jet’s missions and the story of those brought together throughout its US career.  The Tomcat MA-1 also comes with a unique tag hanging alongside the traditional “Remove Before Fight” tag that reads “Tomcat Forever” this jacket functions to keep you warm while repressing the years of Tomcat service before it’s sun setting in 2006.


Written by: Alexis Vitiello



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