Exclusive Hasbro x Alpha: Transformers MA-1



Fans of the Transformers franchise will be excited to hear this: Alpha is teaming up with toy company Hasbro to create a one-of-a-kind, limited edition flight jacket to honor the upcoming film Bumblebee. In theaters December 2018, the movie is set 20 years before the first Transformers film and follows the first discovery of the charming transformer Bumblebee by a young girl from California.


Taking direct inspiration from everyone’s favorite Autobot, the Hasbro x Alpha Industries MA-1 Transformers jacket mirrors Bumblebee’s iconic yellow exterior and features custom zip tags and the Bumblebee logo embroidered on the chest. The back design showcases the latest movie logo and title with prominent black racer stripes that run down the middle. In addition, the jacket is reversible, with the reverse side presenting a colorful, action-packed graphic that depicts a battle between the Autobots, including Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons.



Alpha Industries and Hasbro have also put together two additional designs as special variations of the original yellow jacket in response to a notable spike in fan excitement and enthusiasm. The Bumblebee MA-1 in black features an all-over black exterior with Bumblebee logos on the right and left chest areas and a prominent graphic of Bumblebee and the Transformers logo emblazoned on the back. The gold zippers serve as a striking accent in addition to the classic “Remove Before Flight” red flag that hangs from the sleeve’s utility pocket.




The second variation, the Bumblebee MA-1 Y, comes in sage green and depicts Bumblebee poised in action on the back. Like on the black version, two Bumblebee logos are featured side by side on the chest area of the sage green jacket; additionally, the challenge Bring It! can be found on the left sleeve for emphasis.



These jackets are for more than showcasing fans’ adoration of Bumblebee. The Hasbro x Alpha Industries MA-1 Transformers jacket design is essentially a thematic revamp of Alpha’s classic MA-1 flight jacket, which holds a reputation for being the first military jacket to be adapted for civilian fashion. In keeping with Alpha Industries tradition, the special edition pieces are made with water-resistant nylon, with traditional black knit ribbing on the waistband and cuffs, and specially designed to withstand intermediate weather conditions. Thus, Transformers fans get the opportunity to express their excitement for the upcoming movie without ever having to sacrifice comfort and functionality.


The Hasbro x Alpha line officially goes on sale to the public October 25. However, Alpha Industries is offering exclusive early access starting October 15 for anyone who signs up for the email list. Be sure to sign up for your opportunity to receive a jacket before they sell out!


Written by: Aiya Madarang

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