Hey guys – we’re back this week with another Fan Friday! 2017 has been an unforgettable year, but it’s finally coming to a close. This is our last Fan Friday until 2018 so let’s end the year on a high note. This week, we’re featuring some cozy outfits that highlight different versions of our timeless MA-1. Let’s get into the outfits:

First up, we have a fashion model shot by photographer Enzo Iriarte (@enzoiriarte). She’s rocking our reservable MA-1 Flight Jacket W in silver and orange. She layers her jacket over a black graphic hoodie and black leggings. Note the contrasting silhouette created by the oversized bomber against the form-fitting leggings. I love how the bomber is the centerpiece of her fit. This outfit would be perfect for a brisk winter day!


Next up, we have Evan Williams (@evwills) shot by photographer Bryan Reid (@bryanreid). Evan is wearing our reversible MA-1 Flight Jacket in sage and orange. I love how he rocks the bomber on the orange reversible side which creates a nice pop of color. Evan decides to pair the jacket with a hip black hoodie and camo joggers. I think the camo really compliments the orange jacket well! He finishes the look off with a pair of checkered slip-on shoes. Great job Evan!


Rounding out our final week, we have fashion model Amanda (@ahowc) in our L-2B Apollo Bomber Jacket in silver. She decides to rock our bomber over a tonal black outfit which really highlights the jacket. I love the sunglasses and messy hair that give the look more of an edgy feel. Amanda killed this fit!



We hope you guys have had a great year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2018. Don’t forget to keep tagging #alphamission in your posts. Have a fantastic New Years!


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