This week President Trump presented the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force, the Medal of Honor, to former Army medic James McCloughan.  He was honored at a White House ceremony earlier this week for repeatedly risking his life to help treat and save fellow soldiers.

McCloughan, know as Doc among his unit, was just 23 years old when he was deployed to Vietnam. In May 1969 he joined a squadreon who was sent out to locate the crew of a U.S. helicopter that had been shot down. When they found the downed soldiers he immediately went to work treating the injured despite being surrounded by enemy fire. He showed this bravery during several other battles when his platoon was attacked by a large North Vietnamese forces. McCloughan pulled soldiers to safety and treated their injuries over and over with no concern for his own life. Even after losing his fellow medic and sustaining injuries himself, Doc continued to move injured soldiers to safety.

Watch the ceremony below and read James McCloughan’s complete story.


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