Alpha Industries and luxury denim wear company 3sixteen team up this season to create a one of a kind military inspired capsule collection. 3sixteen lends us their expertise in modern luxury denim making to help bring to life three iconic Alpha Industries military heritage silhouettes. Made from 100% indigo dyed Japanese herringbone cotton, the collaboration includes three iconic pieces, an M-65 field coat, a compatible M-65 Defender liner that can be worn on its own, and an M-59 fishtail parka. Alpha has worked side by side with 3sixteen to develop this unique collection to help commemorate their fifteenth year as a brand.

Founded over a decade ago, 3sixteen got their start designing custom denim to withstand hard wear and show incredible character along the way. A philosophy that they now employ in all of their garments. In fact, 3sixteen chooses fabrics and trims based on their capacity to develop character over time. “Our aim is that, with diligent wear, our customers are rewarded with something well aged, never “old.”​

Traditionally, the M-59 Fishtail and M-65 Defender are made with a hard-wearing weather resistant fabric (NYCO). However, 3sixteen switched this up in favor of a herringbone twill (HBT) from Japan. It offers more potential wear in comparison to the NYCO fabric, which allows it to maintain a vintage look and feel.

The HBT fabric also has a history with the American military during World War II. It replaced denim and eventually became the preferred primary uniform material for hot weather worldwide. Specifically, in the tropical climates our troops dealt with in the Pacific Theater.

The fabric has been washed lightly in order to achieve the brighter blues shell for the M-65 and M-59. Both also have a cotton lining. They can be found at selected retailers as well as on the Alpha Industries website and 3sixteen website!

M-65 Defender Field Coat

Alpha Industries x 3Sixteen Collection

M-59 Fishtail Parka

M-65 Defender Liner

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