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Image resultHappy Singles Day! While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all the attention in the United States, China’s Singles Day gives them each a run for their money. Last year, more items were bought during Singles Day than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! The day is organized by the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses- Alibaba. Singles day can be considered the biggest commerce day in the world.

Singles Day began in the mid-90’s as a day to celebrate being single. The date of 11/11 is important because the number one resembles someone being alone. Thus the creation of Singles Day was born. What better way to fill the void of being single than to splurge on shopping. The day has since turned into Chinas biggest retail event/festival. As an homage to all the singles out there, Alpha Industries is excited to take part of this huge event to pay respect to all of our Chinese fans! Check out our website to shop our exclusive Singles Day deals!

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