Starting back in July of 2017 the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Has Heart, along with his Communications director and wife Kendra Olguin have been traveling the US uniting artists and veterans. They will be stopping in each state inviting an artist and a veteran to collaborate on art, design and fashion in order to tell the veteran’s story.

Has Heart & Alpha Industries

Rachel Putney was a ground and flight medic spending her time with the Army in Iraq as well as South Korea. Working in these high stress environments Putney was subject to not only physical but mental stress. She began to recognize what she called “controlled detonation” signs in herself of potential depression, anxiety and PTSD. By taking initiate and steps towards self-care Putney sought help and was honorably discharged.

Currently Rachel is a counselor for Norwich University Corps Cadets. She has learned from her dedication to the military, her time in service, and her work now the value of self-care and balance. Her design with Colin Bright reflects her experience in the military. The shape of her design is similar to a caduceus, with two helmets at the top.

One, an air force helmet, facing a ground troop one, this symbolizes Rachel’s work in the air and on the ground. The Latin surrounding the mortar driving down the middle translates to “self-sacrifice, self-preservation”. These are things that Rachel learned to keep in balance in order to keep herself from “detonating”. Rachel and Colin’s design is a perfect embodiment of not only Rachel’s experience with the Army but what she was able to learn from them.

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